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maar nogal dunnetjes qua plot



rent ???Vlad The Impaler??? Tepesz, a.k.a. The Count of Cum, a.k.a Baron of the Bowel[, impaler of] freshly shaven teen pussy[, inflicter of] extreme & long-lasting discomfort to freckled asses[, ravisher, really, of] cum-oozing cunts & other assorted cavities[, popper of] cherry[, diver of] muff[, plower of] ass[, pounder of] booty[, degrader of] everything that is anatomically prone to have stuff inserted in ???em, regardless of age, race, creed, menstrual cleanliness or general physical a/o mental ability really[, fister of] holes that nature intended to remain unfisted[, bareback rider like the whores they really are of] pony-tailed and buck-tooth sweeties ??? all of legal age mind you[, savourer of] the odd word game while doing so[, penile prober of] vomit-producing mouths[, overall OK guy by the way should the vomit turn out to be of the projectile variety, squirter of] steaming hot piss down guzzling throats[, user in fact of] barely legal victims like human toilets [(clear-steerer however of faeces or any other coagulated bodily fluids, not so much on moral grounds but because they just don???t tickle his fancy, neither cinematographic, libidinal nor otherwise is all), giver of a whole new meaning also to the term] hung like a horse [(provider actually of the very picture one finds in the dictionary next to ???endowed??? is how absolutely gargantuous the thing is), shover of said equestrian member] down just about any given blowhole[, amateur, more specifically, of] teen poop-holes that have thus far remained clueless of the fact that things can actually also go in[, dilater, as such, of said] poop-holes to an outrageously uncomfortable circumference[, usually] with a clear plastic gynaecological speculum equipped with a temperature gauge and buzzing electric lights[, revealer, thus, of] the beauty
that lurks deep within the cavernous sphincter [,]

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