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Speaking of BabelGium 1: Chika Unigwe

???'Tine came every other weekend for her cooking lessons with Prosperous. She was a keen learner and Prosperous began to grow very fond of the girl. She no longer referred to her as room and parlour, but defended her enormous girth when Agu or anyone else made fun of it. Rapu nu nwa mmadu aka biko. O nwelu ife o melu unu? She said then. The girl is healthy. She???s not chewing stick-thin like all those models on TV with not a single ounce of fat on their bodies. Or she said, It???s all baby fat. How old is she? Twenty-two? She???s a child. She???s young. She???ll lose all that fat once she gets older! And when Godwin said one thing in Igbo and translated something else when Tine asked, Prosperous bit her tongue and said to herself, There is no justice in this world.'

Chika Unigwe in BabelGium
??n op 11 oktober om 20.00 uur  in Passa Porta Brussel